Volume Loss


There has been no other area of aesthetics that has evolved more rapidly or has become more popular than the concept of enhancing facial volume. Years ago, when the French discovered that volume was key to younger looking skin, demand for rejuvenating treatements intensified. The term "baby face" was coined in the early 2000s to describe the new fountain of youth obtained through volume restoration.

The amount and rate of volume loss varies from client to client. Some people lose volume around the eyes first, while others lose more along the posterior jawline, and others first see changes in the cheeks. Although some age-related volume loss can be associated with fluctuations in the amount of fat we cary, it can also be related to bone deterioration in the cranium or resulting from atrophy in the facial muscles.

Restoring volume loss has the power to turn back the hands of time--delighting you with a more youthful appearance. It is very important that the dermal filler used to enhance your volume is placed in the appropriate place. This requires a skin care expert who has extensive knowledge of facial anatomy complemented with an artistic eye. Being careful not to overcorrect is the gold standard under which we operate at Retief Skin Center. We pride ourselves on transforming your skin to its most natural look.

Common areas fillers are used include the brows, cheeks, temples, jawline, and chin. Although fillers are the most commonly used products to enhance volume, Sculptra and fat grafting are also procedures used to replace volume.



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