Scar Removal


There are as many treatment options for scar removal as there are types and causes of scaring. A scar, by definition, is a disruption of the texture of the skin surface. In other words, a dip or elevation in the skin surface smoothness that creates a scar.

For elevated scars such as keloids, intralesional steroids, 5-FU, and calcium, channel blockers are common treatment as well as surgical removal. For flat or sunken scars, there are a myriad treatment options depending on the color of the scar, the location of the scar, and how large the scar is.

A combination approach of multiple modalities is often used including laser treatments, microneedling, subcision, surgical revision, and chemical peels.

Occasionally, radiation therapy is required to remove a very thick scar.



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Dermatology Treatments For Scar Removal

  • Surgical Scar Revision
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