Facials regulate the immune system, aid in detoxification, reduce the amount of fluid that has built up in the body, and aid in stress relief when it includes aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage, exfoliation treatments, or acupuncture.

Facials typically involve a face massage. Not only are they relaxing, they aid in blood circulation—helping to stimulate lymphatic drainage and allowing facial muscles to relax and slowing the onset of wrinkles. Skin cells are renewed using this technique which reduces puffiness and sagging in the face. Temporarily, facials creates a small amount of swelling which eliminates fine lines and wrinkles and creates glowing skin.

If you are struggling with acne, suffering from a dull complexion, or facing a superficial skin issue, regular facials can help fix these problems. Facials deliver a clean and bright complexion while removing dirt and blackheads. Over time, when combined with chemical peels, facials reduce pigmentation, improve photodamage, and elimiate fine lines.

Facials can provide many health benefits. Anti-oxidant facials contain free-radical fighting nutrients such as Vitamins A and E, which help remove pollutants from the body. Collagen facials use warm vapor, deep pore cleansing, and lymphatic draining massages, which benefit the skin by preventing wrinkles, reducing dark circles and ridding the body of environmental toxins. Acne facials are the most gratifying facials as they offer immediate improvement of blackheads, whiteheads, and congested skin and all active inflammatory lesions are calmed and reduced.

These are not fluff facials but rather, skin treatments made to deliver the results you want while still maintaining the relaxing spa experience you love.

We don’t buy into current trendy facials that claim to give miracle results that last only a few days. Each time you come in, we examine your skin and customize the treatment, changing it up as needed.

We are Nashville's skincare experts, and you can trust us to deliver amazing results. Our facials enlist top of the line products and modalities to customize treatments for your specific needs.