Cosmetic Services


Cosmetic services are procedures and treatments aimed at maintaining or rejuvenating your appearance. Cosmetic services we offer at Retief Skin Center include surgical, lasers, and non-surgical treatments such as injectables, peels, cryotherapy, light therapy, and mesotherapy (which is a general term for the injection of nutrients into the skin).

Proper skin care is also a big part of overall rejuvenation. At your visit, our providers will discuss the options best for you and customize a treatment plan. Most aging concerns are addressed by using multiple modalities--rather than one device or procedure--since the aging process affects many facets of the face and body. When addressing the process of aging in the face, we look at three general areas: skin surface changes which include wrinkles, pigmentation, capillaries, pore size, crepiness; volume changes; and laxity of skin.

When you look at the face in the context of aging, it is easy to see that there isn't one treatment that can address all of these changes at once. Book a cosmetic consultation to find the best rejuvenation options for you. At your cosmetic consultation, please bring a youthful photo of yourself so that we can pinpoint the areas causing you to seek cosmetic treatment.

Sometimes, clients will mistake needing medical treatment for a benign skin condition. This doesn't means you should ignore treatment, but if you choose to proceed with a corrective treatment, it will likely not be covered under insurance (and a cosmetic fee will be charged). Common examples of benign conditions include skin tags, seborrheic keratosis, age spots, spider veins, enlarged oil glands, and undesirable moles.

I have going to Retief Skin Center for over four years, and I am highly satisfied with my experience every time. Dr. Retief is very knowledgeable and skilled. She always is so kind and makes me feel welcome answering all my questions. She is the one doctor I’m excited to see and the only doctor I trust with my skin. Go see her!
— Anika S.