Dermal Fillers


Dermal fillers are used to treat wrinkles and reduce volume loss by targeting facial expression muscles to eliminate fine lines. Think of them as substances injected under the skin to elevate its surface—like caulking cracks in a wall. As we age, our skin isn’t as supple or thick as it used to be, and bone reabsorption leads to volume loss. There are many types of fillers that generally fall into three classifications: those for very fine lines, those for larger lines and folds, and those for volume enhancement.

Most fillers are composed of hyaluronic acid which is found naturally in the skin; its function is to hold water, giving a plump appearance. If you think of hyaluronic acid as legos, different types of hyaluronic acid fillers are different combinations of legos, cross-linked together to form different sized particles. Commonly fillers we use at Retief Skin Center include Juvederm Ultra XC, Juvederm Ultra Plus XC, and Voluma XC. There are newer hyaluronic acid fillers which have less affinity for water which don't induce as much lift and create a more subtle fill. These include Volbella and Vollure. Hyaluronic acid fillers can be removed if you aren’t happy with the results or if they create undesirable lumps.

For larger facial lines and creases (or folds like the nasolabial), there are several hyaluronic acid fillers that can be used. Juvderm Ultra XC is a mainstay treatment for nasolabial folds, Marionette lines, and for lip enhancement. Restylene Defyne also is used for these areas. New to the market is Vollure, which is similar to Juvederm Ultra and Restylene Defyne in the size of the hyaluronic acid particles, but it doesn’t create as much swelling at the injection site which is great for clients who don’t want a full look. These products generally last up to a year, but longevity varies depending on the areas being corrected.

The effects of dermal fillers are long-lasting, and you can expect to see results from six months to two and a half years.



Wrinkle Fillers

Volumizing Fillers


Juvederm Ultra XC

Hyaluronic acid is used to fill fine lines and small scars.



Juvederm Ultra Plus

Medium-sized hyaluronic acid filler used to fill folds and creases and also to increase lip volume.




Juvederm Ultra Plus XC

Medium-sized hyaluronic acid filler used to fill folds and creases and also to increase lip volume.




Radiesse is a filler that is composed of calcium hydroxyappetite and not hyaluronic acid. It is not permanent, but unlike the hyaluronic acid fillers, it cannot be removed from the skin once it's injected. Radiesse is used for volume correction in the same area that Voluma is used. This filler is very sturdy and lasts up to two years.



Restylane Refyne

A small hyaluronic filler also used for fine lines and and small acne scars. Can also be used for lip volume and those wanting more natural enhancements.



Restylane Defyne

A robust hyaluronic filler used to create natural volume where volume is lacking such as in the cheekbones, chin, and occasionally lips.




Volbella is a new FDA-approved filler for perioral wrinkles. It is created from very small hyaluronic particles and treat fine lines without creating fuller look in the area around the lips.




Sculptra is a product used to stimulate collagen production within the skin. Over four to five months after treatment, collagen induction occurs, creating new collagen in the area.




Medium-size hyaluronic filler with less water-binding affinity, therefore used for enhancement of volume without accompanying swelling. This filler is commonly used for infraorbital volume loss and lip enhancement for those clients looking for a more natural lip enhancement. Occasaionally used for certain types of scars.



Voluma has the largest hyaluronic acid particles and is used for volume enhancement. It is a mainstay injection for cheek, chin, and jawline volume restoration. Because of the larger particle size, Voluma also lasts longer than the other hyaluronic acid fillers, lasting up to 18 months.