Mohs Micrographic Surgery on the Nose

Mohs Micrographic Surgery on the Nose

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The Mohs micrographic surgery can be done on many parts of the body. Mohs is a type of skin cancer removal surgery that is growing in popularity due to its effectiveness. It currently has the lowest recurrence rates, highest cure rates, and the leaves the smallest potential wound which means smaller reconstruction (and less scarring). One of the most popular places to receive the Mohs surgery is the nose due to that part of the body being constantly exposed to the sun.

What is Mohs Surgery

Mohs micrographic surgery is a procedure that allows surgeons to remove skin cancer at a microscopic level from any area on the body. Incredibly thin layers of skin are removed by the surgeon, one at a time, and examined under a microscope until all of the skin cancer is completely removed. This leads to a very high cure rate for patients undergoing Mohs surgery, allows for a rapid healing process, and produces the least amount of scarring. Patients receive local anesthesia for the duration of the procedure, so the process is painless.


Mohs Dermatology

There are not many surgeons certified to complete Mohs surgery as it requires a fellowship in Mohs surgery as well as a great amount of training in pathology and skin reconstruction. It is very important to ensure you have a certified surgeon with plenty of experience and expertise in order to achieve your desired results after Mohs micrographic surgery. After completing her medical residency, Dr. Carla Retief was selected as one of the top dermatologists in the world to begin a Mohs Micrographic Fellowship. During this fellowship, under the guidance of then President of the American College of Mohs Micrographic Surgery and Cutaneous Oncology, she performed over 1,000 Mohs surgery and reconstructive cases in addition to hundreds of cosmetic and laser cases. Suffice it to say, if you live in or around Nashville, Dr. Retief is the most qualified surgeon in this area to perform your Mohs surgery.


Mohs Surgery on the Nose

The main reason people have concerns about having Mohs Surgery performed on their nose is because of the post-surgery reconstruction that will take place. There are a few options available to you when looking for a post-Mohs surgery nose reconstruction such as, local flaps, skin grafts, as well as staged procedures. A local flap procedure is recommended when your wound is quite small. Your surgeon can simply stretch the skin to cover the wound, and you are good to go. You can also choose to have a skin graft replace the wound on your nose if the wound happens to be a little larger. They will simply take skin from another place on your body and use it to cover the wound. A staged procedure is another option which can be done the exact same day as your Mohs surgery. Using an expander, more skin is generated on the forehead which can then be relocated to the nose after enough skin has grown. Mohs surgery and forehead flap nose reconstruction is one of the best ways to produce the best cosmetic result post-procedure. You will definitely want to consult with Dr. Retief about all of your options, and together, you can come up with the best solution for you and your concerns.


Mohs Surgery Recovery

For many patients, reconstruction surgery isn’t necessary following the Mohs micrographic surgery, but stitches often are. This leads many of our client to ask about recovery time. Recovery time for Mohs surgery on the nose depends on how you decide to recover. Some patients decide to let the wound heal on its own. However, we only recommend this when the wound is incredibly small and unnoticeable. For most people, we recommend stitches to help minimize scarring and promote healing. We may place a special bandage on the wound that must stay there for about a week depending on the circumstances. However, we do recommend slight reconstruction if the wound is larger. Total recovery can take about four to six weeks. Infection, bleeding, and pain are pretty rare, but if any of these issues do occur, contact us immediately.


Mohs Surgery in Nashville

The Mohs surgery is truly an incredible solution to most types of skin cancer and has one of the best cosmetic outcomes because the small size of the incisions. Dr. Retief performs Mohs surgery from the comfort of her Nashville office. If you are interested in booking a consultation with one her, of the nation’s best Mohs surgeons, book a general dermatology appointment instantly online here or call (615) 383-6092 today.