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Treating Skin Lesions

Aging and sun exposure are responsible for multiple types of benign skin lesions on our faces. Because there are many kinds of skin lesions that develop within different layers of the skin, each require a different method of treatment. Too often, we see clients whose skin lesions have been treated by a single modality and expected that a single silver bullet would also address other facial skin issues. This once-size-fits-all approach to skin rejuvenation has disappointing results for most clients. If you have multiple types of lesions and growths on your face, they will each require a unique procedure and device to treat them effectively.

The most common benign skin lesions on the skin that we are asked to remove (particularly on the face) include Seborrheic Keratosis, cherry angiomas, telangiectasias (broken capillaries), sebaceous hyperplasia, fibrous papules, and moles. Each one of these lesions require a different procedure for removal. Although it may sound extensive, all of these lesions can be safely, effectively, and quickly removed with minimal downtime when performed by a highly-trained dermatologist. At Retief Skin Center, we believe in treating the entire face as a single unit, which creates happy patients and beautiful skin.

Book a “Skin Clean Up” consultation today. We will assess and explain what each lesion is, the optimal removal approach, and the amount of downtime (if any) required to accomplish your goals of smooth, radiant, and healthy skin.

Types of Skin Lesions