Management of Rosacea is very similar to Acne. Again, as with Acne management, a healthy diet is the most important treatment for Rosacea. This cannot be emphasized enough. So please refer to the Acne section for dietary instructions. Below is additional information regarding Rosacea that is unique to Rosacea.

  • A gluten allergy or intolerance has been heavily linked to Rosacea, especially the most severe forms so it is very important that a gluten-free diet is at least tried for 6 weeks. There are no downsides to a gluten-free diet. Click here to learn more about a gluten-free diet.
  • Probiotics are very important. This can be done with probiotic supplements, eating Greek Yogurt daily or eating Kefir daily. Kefir can be made with Almond or Coconut milk if you have a dairy intolerance. In Acne and Rosacea management, avoiding dairy is very important so non-milk Kefir is preferred.
  • Certain foods are triggers for Rosacea and need to be avoided:
    • Alcohol, particularly red wine
    • Spicy foods
    • Foods containing gluten. A common ingredient MSG stands for Monosodium Gutamate, another name used for gluten. Soy Sauce is one commonly used product that has MSG.
    • Highly acidic food ie tomatoes, citrus fruits, caffeinated drinks, highly sugarly fruits such as oranges, mango, pineapple, and papaya.
    • A Mediterranean diet is an alkaline diet that is anti-inflammatory diet and is an excellent diet to follow if you have Rosacea. This diet includes plant foods like greens, nuts, seeds, potatoes, vegetables, fresh fruits like grapes, figs, and pomegranates, very little red meat, olive oil, and foods rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
    • Supplements that reduce inflammation include Tumeric, Niacinamide, Niacin, and Omega-3 Fish Oil supplements.
  • Photodynamic Therapy combined with an IPL laser treatment in a series of 3 treatment reduce redness and inflammatory lesions by killing the bacteria in the pores and reducing the size of the oil glands similar to Accutane.
  • Antibiotic use is a short-term fix for Rosacea and Acne. We limit use of antibiotics in our office.
  • Mirvaso is a prescription product that acts like Visine or the face. It is very powerful and will take the red out of your face within 20-30 minutes and last for hours.
  • BuffRx Calming Wash and BuffRx Calming Pads (click here) are 2 topical products we use in our office with great success for Rosacea.

Acne facials are useful to eliminate toxins and drain the facial lymphatics to flush the facial skin of acidity and inflammation. We are careful at Retief Skin Center and understand the sensitivity of Rosacea skin. We use fresh potent calming ingredients in our Anti-inflammatory facials