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Acne is not a problem faced only by teenagers. Hormonally-induced adult female acne is actually the most common form of acne seen in our practice.

Acne can be comendonal--where there is no infection, only blackheads and whiteheads--or it can be inflammatory, which suggests infection in the pore. Most teenage acne is a combination of comedonal and inflammatory.

The most common cause of acne is overproduction of oil in the glands, stimulated by testosterone. The overproduction of oil gets trapped in the hair follicle, blocking the pore, and leading to proliferation of bacteria within the blocked hair follicle.

Antibiotics do not treat the primary cause of the acne but rather treat the symptom of the overproduction of oil which is commonly why it returns after stopping antibiotics. At Retief Skin Center, we only enlist the help of oral antibiotics when absolutely necessary.

Diet can also be a contributing factor to hormonal acne. Studies have shown that dairy can, at the very least, contribute to breakouts. In some cases, it is the sole cause. Gluten intake is a less common cause, but has been proven to exacerbate acne. Other less common causes of acne include makeup primers and other topical products, certain oral medications, and some medical conditions.

Over-treated, dehydrated skin can also cause an acne flareup. We take a holistic approach to acne management in order to expedite a successful and healthy treatment.

Growing up, I always struggled with acne, and tried almost every product there was but none of them fixed the issue. Two years ago, a friend referred me to Dr. Retief, and now I am constantly getting compliments on how great my skin looks!
— Jena L.


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