Using Liquid Nitrogen to Treat Seborrheic Keratosis

Many clients are surprised to find that brown spots can be removed with liquid nitrogen instead of with a laser. While liquid nitrogen treatment isn't as isn't sexy as using a laser, but for isolated or just a few superficial age spots and seborrheic keratoses, it is a cheap, easy, and effective treatment.

If you have diffused age spots and photodamage, laser treatment is more effective since you cannot treat the entire face with liquid nitrogen alone.

Liquid Nitrogen is the most effective treatment for seborrheic keratosis which can sometimes be mistaken for age spots.  Unlike age spots which are merely an increase in skin pigment, seborrheic kerstoses are thickened layers of skin with increased or sometimes reduced pigmentation. You can suspect a seborrheic keratosis by seeing flakes when you scratch them. When you apply sunless tanning cream they get darker because of the thickened layer of skin. Age spots, however, do not darken with sunless tanning cream. Don't spend thousands of dollars on ineffective laser treatments for seborrheic kerstoses - come see our skin experts.